Last Update: January 19, 2019


There is the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Strawberry Festival, Asparagus Festival (can you imagine the smell in the port-a-potties??), heck, there are even an Egg Plant Festival and a Carrot Festival!

So, why not a festival that celebrates the incredible variety and diversity of the pepper? That’s what we kept asking ourselves for many, many years until we finally had the right people and location to make it happen.

From sweet peppers to mild peppers and of course the peppers with heat (and peppers with insane heat), peppers are in virtually every cuisine with recipes handed down in virtually every ethnicity around the world.

We decided that if no one else was going to do it, we would!

The first vision of The Pepper Festival was that it would be a festival that WE would want to go to. This festival will be a family-friendly event where people of all ages will have a great time and will leave wanting to know when the next Pepper Festival is.

The Hot Sauces

We realized early on that we needed to add a Hot Sauce Expo to the festival. It was clear by the great interest from small batch “mom & pop” hot sauce companies around California that we had something special here. While the 90’s and 2000’s were fueled by the home brew craze, we are now in a hot sauce craze in the U.S. and we LOVE IT!

We are now gaining interest around the world with hot sauce companies contacting us from as far away as Honduras, South America, England, India, Haiti and of course around the U.S. from cities like Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA and more.

The Charities

One of the main ideas was that we wanted to give back. We decided on children’s charities that help kids in need along with their families. We wanted to help out several charities that represented kids in different ways – from medical needs to legal needs, mentoring, emergencies (like the Santa Rosa/Napa fires in 2017) and especially helping kids through high school and into college – these are kids who otherwise might not go to college at all if it weren’t for our help.

A large portion of the profits from The Pepper Festival, The Pepper Festival Cookbook, The Pepper Festival Hot Cars Calendar and even from booths we’ve donated to each charity, will be evenly split among our partner charities (more charity info).

The Fun

The Pepper Festival will be presenting a Hot Pepper Eating Contest to see if there’s anyone tough enough to withstand the heat from a Habanero, Ghost or the dreaded Carolina Reaper pepper!

Have you heard or read that we will have an Adult-Only Bounce House? It’s totally true. The line will be long, so get to the festival early. Of course, we’ll still have a bounce house for the kids.

The Food

We are SO excited about the possibilities with food at the festival! We’ll have food being represented by American, Mexican, Asian, Italian and many more cuisines. Each food vendor will have a Pepper Menu that will give options of sweet, mild or hot pepper variations. You decide how hot you want it. You can order something mild and make it WILD by creating your own heat from our Epic Condiment Bar featuring hot sauces from around the world and sliced mild to super hot peppers. See our participating vendors HERE.

The Beverages

What festival would be complete without local breweries and wineries? We are all lucky that the Auburn/Greater Sacramento region is packed with incredible micro-brews and wineries who will be represented at the festival. Talk directly to the people who make these tasty beverages and let them help you choose what could be your new favorite!

We will also have Pineapple-Jalapeño Margaritas, Lime Margaritas as well as a delicious Peach Whiskey Lemonade and Iced Tea.

The Music

In our opinion, music should be the soundtrack of an outdoor festival and The Pepper Festival will be a fun, upbeat and family-friendly event. Funk, R&B, Rock-N-Roll and Blues will be on the menu along with some unique acts that we know everyone will enjoy listening to while they eat great food, drink local brews, wines and ciders and shop wonderful merchants. See our lineup of live musicians HERE.

The Vendors

We are hand picking vendors who fit the fun vibe of The Pepper Festival. We want unique, exciting and dynamic offerings in the form of clothing, jewelry, gadgets, kitchenware and more. You’ll have a great time perusing vendor’s wares as you sip local wines and brews and enjoy the awesome live music.