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The Pepper Festival takes music seriously. We feel that the bands and artists we choose will make up the soundtrack for the day and that is very important to us. That’s why we have chosen – very carefully – the acts listed below. Funk, rock, r&b, country, Americana and more, the music at The Pepper Festival will be upbeat, fun and you’ll have to work very hard not to dance throughout the Gold Country Fairgrounds. We can’t wait!

Check this page often while we add to the list. Acts on this page are subject to change.



The Pepper Festival is honored and thrilled to have Antsy and his band join us for what will be an epic day/night of great food, great music and fun!

Antsy McClain brings his unique blend of music and “humor with heart” to the stage, combining his original songs with a hilarious slide show, including Antsy’s own life observations, social commentary and imaginary sponsors from his home town trailer park of Pine View Heights. As a master storyteller with the likes of PBS, NPR and TED Talks under his belt, Antsy includes humorous and serious songs in his shows.

Songs such as “One Less Trailer Here in Pine View Heights,” “My Baby Whistles When She Walks,” and “The Junk Drawer of Your Heart,” are keenly humorous observations about love and loss, while his more serious songs, like “Field Trip,” “I’m Everyone,” or “Falling in Love in America,” are more akin to personal journal entries written in the act of living. It’s this tightrope walk between humor and heart that makes Antsy McClain a true original.

Antsy is located in Nashville, TN.

Antsy McClain
Antsy McClain & The Trailer Park Troubadours

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Kimberley Dahme – best known as the former singer, guitarist and bass player for legendary rock band Boston – will be flying out from Nashville, TN to perform at the festival!

“I am really looking forward to performing at The Pepper Festival! Children’s charities are near and dear to my heart, so aside from what an exciting festival this is going to be, helping kids makes it that much more fun for me.” ~ Kimberley Dahme

Kimberley has been writing and performing her music since she was a teen growing up in Northern California. When the opportunity cane along to record and tour with band founder Tom Scholz and Boston, she jumped at it, learning the bass (she’s a guitarist) in just a few weeks!

She was a member of Boston from 2002 to 2014, had several of her songs on Boston albums during that time and is lead singer on several tracks from Boston’s last album “Life, Love & Hope”.

She will be performing original and cover tunes at the festival. Kimberley is an accomplished songwriter for other artists as well and is a dynamic and energetic performer. She will have everyone on their feet and singing along. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a great performance by an incredible recording and performing artist!

Kimberley now resides in Nashville, TN.

Here’s a clip of Kimberley performing her original song, “With You” while on tour with Boston in 2004.

Kimberley Dahme
Kimberley Dahme


The Pepper Festival is really happy to have these guys at the festival. They bring a uniqueness and professionalism that will immensely add to the atmosphere of the festival.

Earles of Newtown is an eclectic 8 piece band featuring 8 vibrant and expressive soloists. The music we refer to as Dixie Rag Funk-Jazz is originally composed, dance orientated and spans genres through prohibition era jazz, funk, dance grooves and electro swing. The band performs regularly at many Bay Area/SF venues such as Club Deluxe on Haight Ashbury and was recently booked by Justin Katz to play the Museum of Wonders Stage in the Masonic Lodge at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom for the 2018 Edwardian Ball in San Francisco. The Earles original compositions present elements of New Orleans horns, rockabilly guitar, stride piano coming together to complete a circusy high-energy vibe that is inspired by dance club and Burningman culture.

The band is out of Nevada City, CA.


J Ross Parrelli is what it would sound like if Joss Stone had been raised in the same duplex as Notorious B.I.G. Recently signed to Universal Records, J Ross Parrelli’s repertoire includes rap battles and festival stages from the Bronx to the Bay. Sultry songstress turned community cultivator, Parrelli has spoken and performed at youth leadership conferences all over the globe. Her interest in education reform led her to co-found Beats, Lyrics, Leaders through which she is developing Hip Hop based curriculum now being piloted in schools, foster youth programs, and native reservations.

Her band includes Stevie Wonder’s drummer and Bootsie Collins’ horn section, so are you ready to funk out? This is going to be a dance party to remember.

J Ross Parrelli is an Auburn, CA native.

J Ross Parelli
J Ross Parelli

J Ross Music


Whoville is made up of four Sacramento music veterans “join together” to perform classics from The Who. From early singles like “Substitute” to landmark albums like “Tommy” and “Who’s Next” all eras of the 50 year history of the band is represented.

This is not a band to miss!

Whoville is a Greater Sacramento Area band.






The Bleeping Bleeps are a Rock Dance Band with a VERY eclectic song list. Rock, R&B, Funk, Ska – anything with energy that pulls you onto the dance floor.

Their song list includes Prince, Van Halen, The Clash, Tom Petty, Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Green Day, INXS, Montell Jordan, The Police, The Proclaimers, Ricky Martin (seriously), Lit, Maroon 5, Rancid, Bon Jovi, U2 and much more.

The band is from the Grass Valley/Auburn area.


Frequency is a four piece group that writes and performs original heavy melodic rock. Their songs span a creative landscape of high energy riff-based music accompanied by a soaring vocal delivery from lead singer Ryan Jones.

They started collaborating on song writing in early 2015, and each band member’s musical history contributes to songs that are the perfect blend of rock and pop, with heavy grooves that make for memorable live performances.

Frequency has shared the stage with Bobby Kimball from Toto, Kenny Cetera from Chicago, Eric Martin from Mr Big, and have played large clubs including the Rockbar Theater in San Jose.

Frequency is from San Jose, CA.


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The wondrous collapse of a deep space star, the explosive power of the sun’s intense flares or the impact of a comet meeting the earth’s surface at a million miles an hour best describes Northern California’s premier alternative rock band “Acoustic Space Travelers”. With a unique style and a pure blend of energy driven original rock, AST gets them up and keeps them fist pumpin’ & dancing all night long. Like a hyper blast ride through the galaxy on a rocket, please join the Acoustic Space Travelers for the ride of your life. Punk meets blues, country meets hard rock, classic meets alternative, no matter the blend of their innovative sound, AST takes their audience on an interstellar journey through acoustic space that is sure to please any musical traveler. For an adventure you will not soon forget, catch the “Acoustic Space Travelers” for an extraordinary musical adventure beyond compare.

The band is from the Colfax/Auburn, CA area.


Uncle Junior is a popular Funk, Soul, Rock Jam Band that plays a wide range of tunes with elements of experimentation.

They are from Grass Valley, CA.

Uncle Junior

Uncle Junior


& The Hardtops

If you like to dance, jump, jive, swing, shake, rattle, and roll, this is the band you’re looking for.

They play genuine, original rockabilly tunes in a style that harkens back to the era of Carl Perkins and Bill Halley and His Comets.

Hank boasts musical experience that dates back decades, covering small towns and big cities from New York to California.

He’s played, sang and refined his chops in many genres, including bluegrass, western-swing and surf, to name just a few.

But these days it’s all about dancing and having a good time to pure, unadulterated Rockabilly and Swing!

The band is from Grass Valley, CA.

Hank Biggs & The Hardtops
Hank Biggs & The Hardtops

Hank Biggs