Antsy McClain and his Trailer Park Troubadours are in a class all their own and they will be featured at The Pepper Festival on June 23, 2018 in Auburn, CA!

The Pepper Festival is honored and thrilled to have Antsy and his band join us for what will be an epic day/night of great food, great music, fun and fundraising for some fantastically worthy children’s charities. Listen to one of our favorite tracks of his (“I Married Up”) at the bottom of this page.

From Antsy’s official bio:

Antsy McClain brings his unique blend of music and “humor with heart” to the stage, combining his original songs with a hilarious slide show, including Antsy’s own life observations, social commentary and imaginary sponsors from his home town trailer park of Pine View Heights. As a master storyteller with the likes of PBS, NPR and TED Talks under his belt, Antsy includes humorous and serious songs in his shows. Songs such as “One Less Trailer Here in Pine View Heights,” “My Baby Whistles When She Walks,” and “The Junk Drawer of Your Heart,” are keenly humorous observations about love and loss, while his more serious songs, like “Field Trip,” “I’m Everyone,” or “Falling in Love in America,” are more akin to personal journal entries written in the act of living. It’s this tightrope walk between humor and heart that makes Antsy McClain a true original.

Antsy McClain’s newest album (his 15th), “Under the Light of a Quarter Moon,” was started as a collaboration with his friend Pete Huttlinger, who died before the album’s completion. Dedicated to Pete, and including a wonderful cast of players, the album has been called Antsy’s deepest and most sincere to date. Rich storytelling and masterful musicianship has made “Quarter Moon” an instant fan favorite. Hear samples and purchase the album HERE.

Antsy’s irreverent lyrics (songs like, “Prozac Made Me Stay”, “I Was Just Flipped Off By A Silver-Haired Old Lady With A ‘Honk If You Love Jesus’ Sticker on the Bumper of Her Car”, “I Married Up” and “The Blah Blah Song”) and smooth, upbeat and entertaining live shows have earned him a damned near cult following. His worldwide fan base call themselves Flamingo Heads (after his cartoon flamingo mascot and Jimmy Buffet’s “Parrot Heads” fan base).

Each year (9 in a row!), Flamingo Heads get together for what they call Woodflock – a FOUR day outdoor camping, eating, music-loving fan fest for all ages held in Red Bluff, CA at a campground along the Sacramento River. Their tagline for the event is “Music. Laughter. Family”. More info HERE.

For more information on Antsy or to purchase his music, visit his web site at


Check out Antsy’s classic song “I Married Up”: