The Pepper Festival is very excited to announce a new charity partner for the 2018 Pepper Festival, The Markie Foundation! They raise funds to pay for children’s hospice nurses so that families with no insurance or insurance that does not cover hospice care can benefit from the incredible work that children’s hospice nurses and programs provide families and children.

The Markie Foundation makes a difference in the lives of terminally ill children and their families and The Pepper Festival is proud to be able to help expand their reach and fundraising efforts.

“The Markie Foundation is excited to partner with The Pepper Festival! We are always seeking new ways to raise funds for our cause and we are really looking forward to this fun event.” ~ Joe Wuelfing, Co-Founder

Through research, community involvement, and partnerships with other organizations, The Markie Foundation continually seeks unique opportunities to provide assistance for those in need.

Beneficiaries of The Markie Foundation include, but are not limited to:

  • Children’s hospice and pediatric palliative care
  • Children’s hospice facilities
  • Children’s hospice research and literature
  • Family support programs


For detailed information, visit their web site at:

The Pepper Festival