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Barrel & Bottle

Atlanta, GA



September 2015: My wife asked me to make a BBQ Sauce & Hot Sauce as party favors at our baby shower. She came up with the name “Cry Baby Hot Sauce”! Not really having the time and energy to do it how I liked, I gathered enough peppers to make up around 40 bottles. Winging it, I made something serviceable, but it sucked. People really liked it, but I hated it! 

Fast forward six months or so, our little one was here, we were hitting our baby groove and I thought, “I can finally fix my mistake. I reworked it, liked it, but its curl just wasn’t quite right (some people will get that). After chatting with officemates that were making their own whiskey, and supposed “hot sauce aficionados” (they were), we brainstormed and I went back to the lab again (a tiny home kitchen in Oakland, CA).

Now located in Atlanta, Georgia, Barrel and Bottle is built on the idea that everything is better after it’s aged in a barrel – especially hot sauce!  We start with fresh peppers from the valley, sweeten them with wine from Napa, and let them sit in a barrel. This became our flagship product and we hope you like it!  The result is a boozy, spicy beauty that you will want to drink straight out of the bottle. Go ahead, you don’t need our permission.

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Barrel and Bottle

With complex flavors of vanilla and smoke notes, this product will be a favorite everyday sauce. Not for the faint of heart, this combination of jalapeños and chardonnay is for those looking to keep your taste buds intact.