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Che Buono

Sacramento, CA


(916) 430-6663


Che Buono - Luciana

Luciana Basile-Lewis is the Chef and co-owner of Che Buono, the first Italian food truck in Sacramento.

Creating a place where everyone can enjoy a true break from work or daily responsibilities, while enjoying something different. Che Buono! An Italian cuisine food truck and catering service, where people can experience delicious and authentic Italian food, brought directly to them.

How did the name “Che Buono” come about? That is what Luciana’s youngest son Colin says when he likes something his mom makes… so from there, the name of the family new business!

It is by growing up with solid, real, loving family values and foundations that Luciana is able to offer real, authentic, delicious Italian food.

Taking simplicity to another level, Luciana is offering food for all ages; from those who wants to re-live good memories, to those who want to make new ones.

We are now making our own signature pasta sauces (see below) – including a spicy sauce! –  and will be bottling and selling them soon. We are looking forward to sharing them with you all at the festival in September!


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