Flying Mookey Acres

Mosca, CO


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We both grew up in large families with old-world grandmothers who believed that idle children would get into mischief if left to their own devices. As a result, we spent many weekends in the kitchen canning garden vegetables jams, and sauces.
Many years later we were making these same products in our own homes as adults. Mostly for personal use at picnics or family gatherings. During the crash in 2007 we had a dilemma with Christmas coming and low bank balances, so we decided on gift baskets with our jams, sauces, and peppers for our family and friends.  They were a huge hit and that tradition has continued since.
Fast forward to February of 2016 when we chose a slower, quieter lifestyle here in the San Luis Valley area of Colorado. There were some festivals and farmers markets coming up, and wanting to get to know our new community better we decided to see if there was a market for our home made goodies, and there was. We we are adding new products weekly and are in very high demand not only here in Colorado but because of word of mouth and our little Facebook page all over the US.
We’ve come to adore the folks here in the valley and the sentiment seems to be reciprocated.  We have been forced to dig out some old family recipes to keep up with the demand and ever changing market. But it is truly a labor of love that keeps us in touch with our roots.
The name “Flying Mookey Acres” came about because I am always being call the wicked witch (not sure why, maybe its the red hair), so when we moved to Colorado the joke was that is was way too cold for monkey’s to live here so we got cow, this began the jokes about my flying cows and so Flying Mookey Acres was born – The cow puns are so much fun to come up with and our customers just love it and its fun to see people laugh when you explain to them about the flying cows instead of my monkeys.

Our current inventory list:

Cowboy Candy – Sweet Pickled Jalapeños

Blazing Bovine – Candied Habaneros


Barbamoo Sauce – Sweet and Zesty BBQ Sauce

Tropimoo – Pineapple Infused BBQ sauce (Great on Chicken
and Pork)


Schnozberry Jam – Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry

Mooberry Jam – Blueberry and Peach

Orange Moozle – Orange and Raspberry Jam

Strawberry Jalapeño Jam

Peach Habanero Jam

Raspberry Jalapeño Jam


Clucking Good Rub – Ginger orange smokey cumin rub that is amazing on any kind of poultry.

Rub My Butt
– Brown sugar,Chili Powder, pepper spice rub that’s not too spicy but will give your pork just right amount of heat and sweet.

Hunka Hunka Burnin Rub
– Spicy pepper powder (dried jalapeño, habanero and Serrano seed blended into a powder), brown sugar red pepper and other spicy seasonings to kick any meat into hot as hell spicy goodness.