Fresco Sauce

Los Angeles, CA



Originally created in 2012, Fresco Sauce’s Fire Roasted Pepper blend was meant to be served alongside of dishes at Sam Dashti’s new restaurant, Rosemary Grill.

It was an instant hit and customers wanted to take it home. Exclusively sold in the restaurant for five years, the blend was finally bottled for the general public in 2018 along with the latest additions to the Fresco Sauce line, Chipolte & Habanero and Ghost Berry.

Today, Sam uses the same care to create the Fresco Sauce line he used in 2012, starting with fresh ingredients and cooking by hand in small batches.

Featured Products

Fresco Chipotle-Habanero
Chipotle & Habanero is a flavorful hot sauce with sweet, spicy and a hint of smoky flavor. It’s perfect with tacos, spaghetti, chicken and pork.
Fresco Ghost-Berry
Ghost Berry is a fabulous hot sauce with beautiful color and texture. You can taste a combination of sourness , sweetness and spiciness along with cranberry and blackberry flavors. It’s great on seafood, grilled fish, red meat, tacos and anything you could think of.