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Humboldt Hotsauce is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Cal and Heidi Ferris. Humboldt Hotsauce is different than other hot sauces due to its use of fresh and clean ingredients. Each hot sauce features layers of flavor created by Chef and Owner Calhoun Ferris. Cal hopes that you play with the hot sauces by adding them to everyday foods and create dishes with more complex flavors, with simply the shake of a few drops of our hot sauces into any dish.

​Humboldt Hotsauce is ​being featured in markets all over the U.S. including 90+ Kroger Fred Meyer markets in ​Oregon, Washington State, Idaho and Alaska and in a specialty shop in Canada.

Humboldt Hotsauce “Island Style” and “Trinidad Stinger” have both been featured in FUEGO BOX and both received rave reviews by the recipients!

Humboldt Hotsauce has won several awards, including:

2 awards recently at the 2019 Scovie Awards – “Island Style” received 2nd Place in the Fruit Hot Sauce Category. Interestingly enough, TIED for 2nd Place in the Fruit Hot Sauce Category with our newest creation, the “Trinidad Stinger” released in 2018.

Humboldt Hotsauce currently offers 5 varieties of hot sauces and 3 dry rubs.

Humboldt Hotsauces & Rubs

Cal has been working as a Chef for over 25 years and has traveled all over the world. Cal has a certain love for Caribbean, Creole and Island style foods. His hot sauce’s feature flavors from his travels, with ingredients such as mango and pineapple, and other tropical ingredients.

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Thanks to all of our loyal Humboldt Hotsauce fans for keepin’ it spicy with us since 2009!

Humboldt Hotsauce - Cal & Heidi

Cal and Heidi currently make small batch hot sauce’s out their certified kitchen in Arcata, CA!


2019 Scovie Awards

2019 Scovie Awards
“Island Style”
Best Fruit Hot Sauce

Tied with our own “Trinidad Stinger”!

2019 Scovie Awards

2019 Scovie Awards
“Trinidad Stinger”
Best Fruit Hot Sauce

Tied with our own “Island Style”!

Featured Products

Humboldt Hot Sauce combines all natural and clean ingredients to create hot sauces with layers of flavor. The Island Style took a 2nd Place Award at the 2019 Scovie Awards and was also featured in Fuego Box in 2018! This sauce features bright pineapple, yellow bell peppers, guava and banana, and a beautiful habanero burn! This sauce is a perfect pairing for fish tacos, salmon, roasted chicken and oysters! Heat Level: 5 Heat scale based on 1 - 10
Humboldt - Trinidad Stinger
The Trinidad Stinger took 2nd Place at the 2019 Scovie Awards in the Fruit Hot Sauce Category! The Stinger is sure to Sting-ya with tangy berries and bright lime, with smoky ghost peppers and Butch T Trinidad Scorpion peppers! Heat Level: 7 Heat scale based on 1-10