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Lovato's Salsa

Sandy Lovato-Brown

Sandy Lovato-Brown has been making salsa for friends and family since 1992. Bite after bite, Lovato’s Salsa boasts the perfect balance of flavor and consistency. 

We make salsa for the whole family. Mild, Medium, or Hot. Whichever you prefer, you’re gonna need a bigger bag of chips!

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Sandy Lovato-Brown has a big family and an even bigger heart. As a Mother, Grandmother, and now Great-Grandmother, It’s safe to say her days revolve around family! With a family big enough fill a cruise ship, there’s always a gathering, and no gathering is complete without chips and salsa. Seriously, if there’s no chips and salsa they won’t show up… 

After years of encouragement, Sandy has decided to share her salsa with the world.

Now everyone can enjoy the savory goodness and be a part of the family.

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Lovato's - HOT Salsa

Lovato’s freshly made salsas can be purchased at Sunrise Natural Market (Auburn, CA), SPD Markets (Grass Valley & Nevada City, CA), Carol’s Market (Newcastle, CA), New Moon Natural Foods (Tahoe City & Truckee, CA) and more.