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{ MyaBél Haitian Hot Sauce }


Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti



Gourmet Hot Sauces

Named after the family of spirits representing death and fertility, This line of hot sauces is not for heat amateurs!!  During their dedicated vodou ceremony, this family of spirits rub white moonshine mixed with 21 hot-peppers in various orifices, Our levels of heat are, hot, very hot, extremely hot.

Our Story

Our story started in 2011 when we decided to create a space in our hometown, Croix-des-Bouquets, as a disrupter to fill the void of local mid-high range restaurants. We created a cocktail bar that celebrated local ingredients in a way that, at the time, was lacking in the restaurant industry in Haiti. We started by creating a comprehensive cocktail menu with 20 artisanal drinks using uniquely Haitian ingredients like wild mint, blackberries, and passion fruit.

We opened our doors on January 7, 2013, we grew our food menu to include gourmet sauces and condiments made from Haitian ingredients. Our flagship product is a spin on spicy Haitian slaw, Pikliz [Pee-kleez] infused with ripe to perfection mangos.

After one year in operation, clients began demanding our cocktails and sauces in a bottle to enjoy at home. This began the second leg of our business which packaged versions of our restaurant’s favorites. Small batch, sourced responsibly from farmers, and created for you to experience quality Haitian ingredients on the go or at home.


Our Sourcing

We source our ingredients from a vast-network of farmers in five locations in the countryside of Haiti. Our relationship directly with the farmers eliminates waste, encourages reforestation, and provides livelihoods.

Featured Products

MyaBél - Bwav
BWAV Hot, Hot, Hot! Coconut paired delectably with Haitian goat pepper. This hot sauce is good on just about everything, but is particularly satisfying on sea foods and salads. Heat Level: Hot Ingredients: cocount, vinegar, goat peppers, spices
MyaBél - Gede
GEDE A sweet transition from heat to mango, the clarity of the spice goes great over everything. But is particularly great for BBQs, red meats, and pizza. Heat Level: Very Hot Ingredients: mango, vinegar, goat pepper, ginger, spices