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{ Rockas Caribbean Hot Sauce }


Auburn, CA


(530) 401-1561


ROCKAS began as a dream.  A dream to create gourmet food that not only made people feel good when they ate it, but also brought people together to experience some of the flavors of the world.  Chef Simon was born in Venezuela and his love of Latin culture and food is firmly infused in all of his dishes.  He  has distinct memories of growing up around his family cooking in Trinidad and Tobago, and the spices and hot sauces his family created has impacted his cooking and lent a true West Indian flavor to his food.

When he was 4 his mother and father moved to Jamaica and he was further exposed to Caribbean cuisine and all the flavors and spices it has to offer.  As he got older he began to work in the kitchen of the hotel his father ran, and his passion for cooking grew as he learned the influence that the Dutch, Irish, French, American, and English also had on Caribbean cuisine.  Caribbean food truly embodies the phrase, “out of many, one people”.

We’re so proud to serve amazing gourmet Caribbean food, created by a Chef who’s passion is honoring his roots and his family through his cooking, and we hope to be able to spice up your life soon!!

Monica and Simon